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Summer is just around the corner but we are already enjoying warm days here in California.  Thought I'd post a few photos of what we've been up to lately...

Peonies have filled our home for the past 3 weeks.  Since it was our wedding flower, I feel it's only right for us to continue to invest in this flower for years to come.

Finally had a chance to try Tartine in SF.  If you go to the Mission District the next time your in SF, you must stop here.  Get the morning bun.  You won't regret it.

We also went to the Tiburon Wine Festival a few weekends ago.  It was a blast.  I wish I could find a link to the Lauren Conrad shirt I'm wearing here because I am obsessed with it.    Update- found the link, shirt is here.  If I could wear it every day I would.  It is insanely comfortable and breathes well for a summer day.  I never go into Kohls but I was on a hunt for something for the house & I popped in.  Ended up with clothes and accessories.  Go figure.  Here are my other new faves from there:  this hat actually folds not like others I've owned in the past, and this shirt.

We've had a lot of house guests the past few weekends which means we are getting a ton of use out of our chalk cheese platter and cheese knives from our wedding!

and the leftover striped straws from our wedding are getting some use.  here is a batch of agave nectar margis. 

I'm still in awe of my neighborhood.  This is a shot from a run last week in the morning.  Incredibly peaceful. 

Then we had more house guests & took them to one of our favorite places.  The Tiburon Tavern.  After dinner on the way back to our house we always stop in their back area and enjoy the fire for a little while.  Highly recommend the grilled cheese, onion rings & the bibb lettuce salad.  All very healthy ;) p.s. living in that striped maxi I mentioned a while back as well.  SO comfortable.

then this past weekend for Memorial Day we headed out to Paso Robles for some fun with friends:

the house we rented had a gorgeous backdrop of the vineyards.

and the sunsets...

then our friend who happens to be the cutest california cowgirl you've ever seen, took us horseback riding through the vineyards at Cass Winery:

after our honeymoon horseback riding on the beach story- anyone remember that?  horrible.  I was a little freaked out, but this time I had a lovely horse.  more than a lovely horse, an amazingly kind and well trained horse.  made for a really nice ride. 

then we headed to Still Waters Winery where we sipped wine & relaxed (another dress I have been living in- from here, super super soft and again, beyond comfy- and, yes I'm living in that hat- I am getting so much more sun now that I live in Tiburon and actually need more protection when I'm out in the sun now!):

every night we had gourmet meals back at the house.  one chef was with us + a friend who is a fabulous cook.  we felt very spoiled.

oh, and this is their newest addition to their family.  a puppy who doesn't have a name yet.  we all had our own names for him all weekend.  some of the top runners: turkey burger (turkey for short), Hank, The Dude, Shooter...he was also called "no name" a lot ;)

it was an awesome trip.  hard to come back.

one last thing...I happen to randomly pick this up a while back:

it is one of my all time favorite beauty products now.  it's a moisturizing balm with some color.  and this one too.  perfect for summer :)

hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend!

*all iphone pics


  1. This house with the vineyard backdrop, how gorgeous! Looked like a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Love the peonies. And where did the chalkboard cheese tray come from!? I ADORE that!

  3. Love this recap!! Those peonies are glorious :)

  4. FInding inspiration from your blog before I start clearing out my closet :)


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