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Thought I'd share a few recipes I've cooked up lately in case you need a few ideas!  I know I always do.  I've been cooking a lot more since we moved out to the burbs.  We eat out a lot less out on the island, and we really don't do takeout anymore because it's so expensive to deliver out where we live.  Which is actually a good thing because we are eating much more healthy.

In addition, about 3 weeks ago I wanted to radically change what I ate during the week due to lingering health issues.  Which means: Monday-Thursday I try to stay away from refined sugar (using raw honey or agave to sweeten), dairy, gluten, liquor with the occasional meats (trying to do fish more & only buy free range/organic lean meats)  I've had to get really creative and cheat a little (you'll see I had a weeknight meal with panko bread crumbs) but overall it's been amazing.  Here is one of the first things I whipped up (most of the pics are taken with my i-phone): 

This is Kris Carr's chili with the addition of organic ground turkey, instead of zucchini & tempeh since we both are not zucchini people.  Thought it was really tasty, but I let it simmer for 2 hours rather than heating up quicker like suggested- for a shorter amount of time which sorta cooked out the flavor of the jalapeno.  I recommend not letting it simmer for hours.

The above dish is by far one of my most favvvooorittte dishes I've had in a while.  This is With Style & Grace's Gluten Free Pad Thai.  It's easy.  Not that expensive to make.  And, super super tasty. I've made it twice in a month.  Chris loves it too.  That's always a win.

Panko & Parsley baked Cod:

The above recipe was a cheat for the week night meal but worth it.  I can't find the exact recipe, but this one is very close.  I used olive oil instead of butter.  You pretty much mix up some parsley, panko, garlic, lemon and then set aside.  Use a brush to coat the cod with olive oil (don't use too much or your fish will be soggy), dip both sides in the mix, then set it on a lightly coated (with olive oil) baking sheet and bake.  Believe I baked it at 350 for no more than 12ish minutes. Really delicious. 

Baked Cod & Avocado/Mango Watercress Salad:

The cod & salad recipe is from here.  I added avocado to the salad and switched out tilapia for cod (as you can tell cod has been a good price for me at Whole Foods lately).  Very fresh and easy to make. 

Last but not least, I made my first quiches a few weekends ago (definitely not on my M-T diet).  I thought they were pretty easy, although a bit crazy making two completely different quiches at once in a tiny kitchen.  And, we only have one rack in our oven right now so I had to cook them separately. This was the non veggie version, and this was the veggie (I added bell peppers to the veggie version for some more color).  I didn't make the crusts from scratch- but instead by using the refrigerated pie crusts.  For both I rolled them out onto the pan, put them in the freezer, then took them out right before I baked and filled them up with their jazz.

Anyone make anything delicious lately?  Always love new recipes!

* you can find more recipes on my recipes page, here


  1. These look so good! I love quiches and chili especially. This week I've made a Hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza ( and kimchi fried rice ( which were delicious!

  2. They all look so very delicious, and great healthy variations too! Kudos!


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