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we got our tree! then added a star to it without trimming the top...
& decided to keep it that way.  some things are more fun when they aren't perfect.
one of my fave places to sit in the morning.  right where i can see the tree lights.
 we went back to the area where we got hitched, bodega bay & stayed at our favorite lodge.

during the big storm last weekend.  it was so cozy being inside by the fire.  enjoyed breakfast there by the tree while listening to christmas music.  chris was in his tartan, all festive and such. 

walked around their tiny downtown for a while: 

i used my d90 for these pics, just got my camera back...i'm a little rusty!

the drive back is always so pretty from there:

and a bit more festive/life lately moments:

i quickly added an old white duvet to our headboard.  made a HUGE difference in our room!

made nutella pancakes...

got inspired looking through some festive catalogs

spent time with our friends pup, choo choo.  i mean, cutest thing ever. 

my cousin & I got our eat on at Roam.  I can't quit it.  I keep going back.  tejano burger + truffle fries all the way!

oh, and i've been loving my reindeer top!

i'll be back soon to post a few christmas decorations around the house.  i kept it simple this year, but there are a few tiny holiday things that are making me happy..

fun fact: the film, the birds by alfred hitchocok was filmed in bodega bay


  1. Ahhh! I love your reindeer top! Where did you find that?

  2. thanks, millie! j.crew a few years back- hoping they do another one like this!

  3. I love the pictures of Bodega Bay! Makes me feel closer to home. I grew up in Santa Rosa and moved to Sacramento 3 years ago. Miss being close to the ocean. Plus you got a picture of the best candy shop in town. Patrick's, can't miss the pink and white building.

    1. can you believe I haven't been in there before?! I have to go next time.

  4. loved this post! Bodega Bay sounds and looks so charming and your home is lovely! :)

  5. I have the same star tree topper! Isn't it so awkward how big the opening is at the bottom though? Hard to get it to stay straight! :) Love seeing pictures of Bodega Bay because it reminds me of the time I was there!

    1. yes, i agree! i do love that it's all gold though now. mine was silver to begin with and i let a gold glitter bomb off on it last year. ha. love it!

  6. The drive to/from Bodega is so pretty, I completely agree. I could get lost and be okay with it because it's so peaceful. Also, I love your reindeer top!

  7. Looks great, I love those couch pillows, I've been dying to splurge and finally buy them. :) Checkout my winter weather playlist!

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