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Christmas time is over.  The tree is out to be picked sad.
  But, to be fair- we've had such a fabulous time the past few weeks.  We went to a beautiful winter wonderland wedding at the Olympic Club Golf Course.

Celebrated, well not really, but acknowledged that we'd been "dating" for 7 years!

Went to our yearly "Matty Claus" which is a day where my mom's side of the family participates in a very INTENSE day of gaming from early morning into the evening.  From racko, to uno, to scavenger hunts, to balloon tag, video quiz (includes videos from the family, etc.) it ends up being  such a fun day.  And this year we had a little video during our "opening ceremony" done by my cousin, Logan.  Loved it.

Here is how big our group is that participates...stoked to have placed in the top 5 this year!

 Received an awesome white elephant gift- quick back story.  My dad's side of the family is from Chattanooga, TN & every Christmas we do silly white elephant gifts "redneck" style.  Meaning, you're coming up with the funniest redneck gift you can think of.  

Well, of course I had to grab the package titled "deliciously organized" even though I knew it was going to be something wild in the box...  And it was.  An actual JAWBONE of an elk to be used to organize dvd's.  SO CREATIVE and CREEPY!  I literally jumped up and threw the box I was so freaked out.  

Went to my in laws house too & had to snap a picture of how organized my MIL is.  All of her gifts are numbered in order of when you open them, and they are labeled to clearly identify who is to open with who.  Holy organized!  Thought you all would appreciate that.

and now we're spending time with friends who are coming and going from other parts of the world.  here we are with a group of friends we've known since we were all  very young- posing creepy family photo style out to dinner:

out to lunch in the city with good friends: 

and again, catching up with more friends in our city :)

hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
we are off to Napa for NYE tomorrow, but I'll be back soon with an awesome giveaway to kick start your new year!!!


  1. Your MIL is super creative. Love your tree, the ribbon was such a great touch. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Cute post, but so jealous...Napa for NYE! Have fun!

  3. Yay it looks like you've had an eventful and fun holiday season! Happy New Year! :)


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