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Not everyone knows this, but at the top of Nordstrom (5th Floor) of the San Francisco Centre mall, there is a spa.  It's one of my absolute favorite spas in the entire city because they give you the spa experience, without having to pay $200 for a facial.  When you walk in, you're given fresh cucumber water or tea, handed a lock to your locker, given a dressing room where you will find your robe, slippers, etc. and then taken to a small room where they place a warm blanket/wrap around you and then give you a foot bath in rose water.

the wrap is worth talking about alone...

I'm one of those people that already loves my neck wrap & use it several times a week, so this blanket of deliciousness makes me very, very happy.  It's soft, smells divine, can be heated in the microwave, and puts you at ease immediately.  

It's on my Christmas list this year:

During your facial you're given a head/shoulder/neck massage, then hand massage, and lastly your tootsies get rubbed and then your hands/feet are placed in warm, cozy mittens.  At this point you are pretty much in heaven and asking yourself what could possibly be better than this moment and promise yourself you'll relax more, take better care of yourself and find a way to make it back to this place ASAP.

They're not pushy about product (whether you get a massage, facial, manicure, etc.) but will always give you suggestions on what you could be using to enhance your skin.  A year or so ago they recommended the Clarisonic for me and I splurged and bought it.  It was worth the price (I had purchased a cheap version at the drugstore that never worked for me) and has definitely changed my skin.  I typically don't use it every single day and only use it with a soft cleanser like The Wonder Bar (which is the BEST cleanser I've ever used- if you haven't tried it and are curious- you break out the first week or so when using it {they say years of build up under your skin is coming up} and then your skin clears up, stays soft, helps with acne and I could say many more reasons why I love it.  But I digress....).

find the entire set up here

Before my wedding I wanted to use the Obagi skincare line, but heard it was really expensive and you needed a prescription for it.  I mentioned it to the lady doing my facial and she recommended an Obagi peel which helps brighten the skin, reduce fine lines, etc.  I highly recommend it if you want to look fresh for an event (the facialist literally wipes pigment off of your skin, it's wild).  I'm sure it's not great for your skin but...hey, you only get married once.  That same visit they were having a really awesome offer on the ZO Skin Health line (by Dr. Obagi, you just don't need a script for it, not as intense) and I picked up a few products (seen above).  Out of all the items, this is the one I've needed to replace: 


I use it every other night- switching off with the clarisonic.  It gets your skin squeaky clean.   Other faves from the kit...

and not shown in the kit, this stuff is intense: 

Again, got a great deal on all these wonderful products- the only thing I keep going back for is that exfoliating cleanser.

Wow, didn't mean for this friday fave to go into a full beauty post!

If you're looking for a spa in the city, I highly recommend Spa Nordstrom. 

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  1. Thanks for the rec! I've heard of this spa, but haven't done any in depth research. I'm looking for the perfect birthday present for my sister and I think this may be it!


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