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While waiting for Uber on Friday night I had a grand idea.  Chris could quickly capture the Old Navy Cords that I'm loving so much and posted about here to show you all.  The above shot and the below is what I ended up with in his impatience and my, "maybe if I do the walking across the street look like the awesome fashion bloggers do we'll have a great shot".  Granted, this is all with an i-phone, so I don't want to say Chris isn't a great photographer, I think it was more his subject ;)

I also don't think daily fashion posts will ever be in my future.  Not that I'm saying I'm super fashionable in any way, don't get me wrong, but it's fun to see what pieces look like on real people.  At least I think of it that way. And lastly, that sweater was all wrong for those pants.  I would never do that combo again...

Moving on to really important things, like food:

We ate at The Corner Store on Friday night with a group of friends and it was so so so so good.  I had the Noble Buck cocktail and sampled the wedge, the peppers, the bolognese, the pork loin and many other delectable dishes.  Make your way over there if you come to the city!

Saturday we met friends on a rooftop in the Marina and soaked in one of the best days in the city!  

and if you're wondering (doubt you are)- I did end up cutting off my hair and dying it- if you read this post, you know what I'm talking about.

{thanks Missy for the pic!}

here's more of a scene shot for those who are not from the area.  all the roofs are covered with people looking out onto the bay: 

then we made our way down to America's Cup: 

and then Sunday we watched the Italian Heritage Parade in our neighborhood: 

and then watched the second day fleet week show from our patio:

where I saw the cutest little shed while standing on my tip toes: 

and we ended the weekend hanging out on the sofa with friends watching the best homeland episode yet & eating take out.  can't wait for next weeks episode...hope you all had a nice weekend. 


  1. Where is your denim shirt from? What a busy weekend in SF! I live out in the East Bay and we had great weather too!

  2. I've been wondering about the Old Navy cords and if they are worth it! They look great on you and now I have decided I definitely need a pair or two! Great pictures!


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