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Back in Boston we had a money plant (seen below) that we had to give up when we moved to CA and I finally got a new one this weekend for $4 in Chinatown (in Home Depot they sell for $18-$20).

{desk space from our home back in Boston- 2010}

If you're unfamiliar with the money plant (pachira aquaticaz) it is native to the swamp lands of South America and it considered to bring good luck and fortune to followers of feng shui.

{current bedroom}

Now, I'm no feng shui expert, nor do I follow the feng shui practice...but, I happen to look up where the money corner was in my Boston apartment (as seen above) and placed the tree there.  Call it weird luck, but within the next month not only did an unexpected check come, but I also had a nice tax refund that I didn't think was coming.  Could of just been a coincidence, but it was so strange.  

Anyway, that was not the intent of my purchase (but hey, a few extra dollars wouldn't hurt right now).  It was truly because I know how well this plant does.  It hardly needs to be watered, it isn't finicky with light and it doesn't take up much space in a small apartment. 

Plus, the orchids are so nice to have around but haven't been lasting for more than a couple of months in this apartment and can get pricey depending on the size. 

It really makes such a difference having plants around the house.  I love walking into my room now and being greeted by all this life and green!


  1. sounds like you can't go wrong with this plant! i will hunt one down :)

  2. I'm a believer in Feng Shui. I've used it to help clear clogged energy with stunning results. I have a crystal in my wealth corner and some purple as well.


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