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~starting the week off with fresh flowers

there's something about having fresh flowers in the house that makes such a difference, don't you think?  


  1. Where are those bowls from? I love them! And I was just thinking about cutting some fresh hydrangeas from my mom's bunch!


  2. Absolutely, even if it is a dandelion!
    One blossom or weed can set the mood~

  3. I have those same bowls lol. Love the picture. So gorgeous!

  4. Where did you get those great bowls?

  5. very pretty! Love the bowls too! Are they the ones from C. Wonder?

  6. Noticed the Jo Malone room spray in the photo...which scent do you recommend?

  7. *the bowls are from anthro:

    *and the jo malone scent is nectarine blossom & honey. the scent is delicious! find it here:

  8. Looks like that second link you included for the Jo Malone spray was also for the bowls...tried doing a search for it on the anthro site, but nothing came up...I also couldn't find that scent on jo malone's site. If not too much trouble, would you mind sharing the anthro site that you found it? thank you!

  9. @kate - sorry about that.

    Jo Malone can be found on Nordstrom (that's where I got it):

    and the bowls are sold out on anthro.

    you can find some cute ikat bowls on C Wonder here:

    here is a pretty one on hsn too:

    hope that helps!

  10. Ah ha! Wonderful. I'm glad to see Nordstroms still carries that Nectarine and Honey scent. I'll be checking it out next time I make it to the city (which for me is Salt Lake City). Thank you!


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