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back+ summer organizing

Hello all!  We are back from Costa Rica!  The past month has been incredible, from the wedding, to the honeymoon, I couldn't be more blessed with the way things went.  Beyond grateful.  And, thank you for your kind words on the hitched post. That was the only moment we were alone right after our ceremony, hiding out in the photo booth :)

Since I've been back, I've been getting our absolutely destroyed (who cleans their house when they stay up until 3:00 a.m. the weeks before their wedding doing DIY projects?) house back in order.  It's going to take a while...but I'm slowly getting through it.  Here are a few pics of my attempt at getting organized again.  All i-phone pics.

This was something I did a while back, but I thought it seemed fitting for this post.  Due to limited space in our apartment, I keep all my summer items in this bag.  From cover-ups, to summer dresses, to any and all things related to the beach,  it's in this bag.  It saves space and keeps it all together: 

I finally came to the conclusion that I can not keep all my magazines anymore.  We just don't have the space (even though they were so pretty all lined up in their magazine folders). 

Except for all the Domino's.  They stayed...

I finally used my fridge coasters that were sent to me months ago!  Love how they are keeping my fridge looking stylish, and at the same time organized. 

oh, and chris & i both turned the big 3-0 while in Costa Rica.  I was lucky to have an extra special dinner at the Tabacon Resort (with all the bells & whistles) but Chris' birthday wasn't as fun due to us leaving that next morning.  Anyway, had a little funfetti cake (same baker as our wedding cake) for him to make his birthday official when we got back.  loved these sparkler candles!

Anyway, looking forward to getting some more posts up now that the wedding is over :)  


  1. I love those sparklers! I've been cleaning too, it feels so good!

  2. wow your birthdays are so close! Love the mint frosting on the cake!

  3. Congrats! We stayed at Tabacon on our honeymoon in CR as well and loved it! Sounds like you had a fantastic month.


  4. fun photos, oh i wish domino magazine would come back!

  5. I need to get organized around here! Welcome back... hope you are enjoying settling in as husband and wife! Happy Belated! xo.

  6. How fun are these photos! Love the sparklers & the eggs/berries so much. xx

  7. Looks like you had a gorgeous time and a big Happy Birthday, 30 is just the beginning. I'm like you, love magazines but cannot keep them all. I have scanned the pictures and articles I can't be without and donated the mags. Hayley x

  8. What a fabulous lot of celebrations you have had!! Hope you have enjoyed every minute x


  9. What a genius idea those fridge coasters are! Love the gray chevron stripes.

  10. LOve those sparklers!!! Happy birthday to you both and so glad you are back:)

  11. is that the celebration cake from susie cakes? it's uh-mazing!

  12. What amazing celebration ideas!Love the last photo!It's really fantastic!


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