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how to pack: napa to sf

Most people who are making a trip to San Francisco are likely to make a trip up to beautiful Napa Valley.  But when it comes to packing for a trip like this, it's difficult to know what to bring because weather in San Francisco can be unpredictable.  I've put together a list of my favorites for the people have contacted me about places to visit in SF and Napa recently. 

It's typically always warm in Napa if you come to SF in the summer.  I prefer to wear a maxi dress and flip-flops up north, and bring a jacket and bright/colorful scarf for if you arrive early morning, and as it gets cooler in the evening.

By the time you make it back to SF, it's freezing, so I pack items in a large crossover and bring them with me to Napa in case we end up going out that evening for a casual dinner (without a pit stop home).  In my bag: go-to white cropped pants, striped shirt, tall brown boots, and I use the same jacket and scarf from during the day.  You'd be surprised what you can roll up tight to fit into a crossover bag...


  1. I love how smart you packed! You will be well prepared for both climates and look chic at the same time.

  2. san francisco weather can be sooo tricky! you can wear shorts and a shirt in the mission and once you arrive at the ferry building or the piers you are freezing because it´s so damn cold!
    but looks as if you are well prepared! :-)

  3. I love the site for the scarves:) Thanks!!

  4. I love the items that you have selected - amazing style!! It is Winter over here in Australia, so I am super jealous of you. I have been to San Fran in summer and it was beautiful :-)

    Allison @ Utterly Organised

  5. The second one can best and I like that's kind of style!


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