friday sparkles! {via wedding reception shoes}

The running joke in my house is, “Are you going to have shoes that you get ready in, shoes that you wear to take pictures in, shoes to walk down the aisle in, shoes to walk into the reception with…” and so on.  In reality, I have two pairs; one for the ceremony and one for the reception.  These are the reception shoes that came in the mail recently, that I thought I’d post since it’s Friday, and Friday’s deserve a little extra sparkle. 

Anyway, in my defense, the only reason I need these flats is due to the possibility of hearing myself say (before hitting the dance floor), “My dogs are barking, I need to get these heels off ASAP”.  It would be fine to go barefoot, but our reception is outdoors and I most definitely will need something covering my feet to walk on gravel, etc.  I found these sparkly ladies online for half the cost (yes, they are last season, but when does gold + sparkles go out?) in stores and I LOVE them.  Plus, I know for a fact they will get use after the big day.

I’m off to finish the never ending Wedding to-do list.  Don’t worry, this will all be over very soon and blogging will be back to normal (whatever normal is…). 

Have a great weekend!  


  1. Now who will be the belle of the ball? YOU!

  2. Those are so cute! Love them. :)

  3. I had multiple pairs for my wedding day - you deserve them super cute!

  4. Those are perfect! I love Kate Spade shoes. They will look really cute after the big day too with skinny jeans, a mid knee length full skirt or even with shorts. (you can tell I really love em too)

  5. Please let me in on your secret as to where you found these because they are exactly what I've been looking for! :)

  6. carlee. those are so adorable. i love them. and then best part is, you will be able to wear them like crazy even after the wedding. cute cute cute.

  7. I love your reception shoes! You can't go wrong with KAte Spade! Come check me out at my new blog Much love- Jessica (formerly of Lavender and Lilies)

  8. These flats are gorgeous. Great for late night partying and dancing after the weding ceremon. ;)


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