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weekly recap via the usual...

delicious green smoothie on st. patricks day!

ordered wedding shoes that are gorgeous, but NOT comfortable! sadly have to return them and back to square one.

rainy days in sf

homemade meatballs with lots of red pepper + red onions + organic grass fed beef

it's here!

& I love it!


  1. Your photos are all so cute!! What do you use to take them? Are they all instagram?

  2. I got my mint clutch from Asos and I am in love! Thanks for the tip! And, I also snapped a photo of my green smoothie - we are on the same wavelength!

  3. stephanie- i miss you too!
    preppylove-thank you! yes, all instagram
    padgett- yes! love it too!definitely both on the same wavelength :)

  4. Omg. Where did you find those shoes? I've been wanting them for ages. My friend wore them at her wedding too.

  5. Melanie, you can get them here:

    They only had size 7 left, just a heads up! Although I am a 7.5 and they fit.

  6. Beautiful shoes.Have you looked at Stuart Weitzman? They were my bridal shoe and they were comfy as they were lovely. I just showed my daughters when we were playing in my closet looking for a shoe box for a science project. " darl'n you can't use that box!" They loved my shoes however. All the best to you on your special day!

  7. the homemade meatballs look delish! Please share the recipe!

  8. Those shoes look amazing, pity that the aren't comfortable. Tulips are so pretty. Love all the photos~!


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