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small treats to breaking a sweat!

(ranunculus + afternoon light at my desk)

"One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats." —Iris Murdoch

Stumbled upon this quote last week and I couldn't agree more.  As wedding planning becomes more stressful by the minute, I've come to realize that small treats here and there seem to make the days more manageable.  Speaking of treats, we did a little cake tasting this past weekend at Susie Cakes in the Marina: 

We actually came to agreement in record time.  I love when we can check things off the list quickly!  Hoping someone tucks a slice in a to go bag for me on the big day.  Or two.

Our wedding invites came in the mail last week.  We should have them out soon!  Waiting on our postage to come in the mail.  Long story.

We've been trying to stay active which definitely helps with wedding stress.  Above is a pic from a run/blade we did last week.  Also, yoga used to be a big part of my life.  I would go up to 5 days a week years ago, but I lost any passion for it.  A class back in Park City got me excited again, so I'm trying to make it in to the studio more.  Irrelevant to yoga (other than the photograph was before a class), but OPI Cajun Shrimp is one of my favs: 

Speaking of working out, a few other ways I enjoy breaking a sweat in case you'd like to switch things up: 

1. Bodyrok (combo of spin & pilates- I've been once but want to go back)

2. 10 minute trainer videos- If all you have is 10 minutes to get your groove on, this is a great pick

3. Butt Bible- I can't help but think of Cher & Tai when they are discussing not doing the video "sporadically"- anyone remember this? Anyway, mute the instructor, it's a quick work out if you need one

4. DC Cheerleaders Power Squad- If you danced, cheered, etc. growing up, then you'll like this video...feels just like you're at practice again

When things get busy, healthy eating tends to become harder and harder to do. Above is an easy meal that I love to make:

Salad: Organic Black Beans, Avocado, Red onion, Tomatoes and a bit of Himalayan pink salt. Mix together & let sit a few minutes. Can also add: cayenne pepper, cumin & garlic.

Sweet Potatoes: Little olive oil, Himalayan pink salt and pepper and throw them in a frying pan

Hope to be back soon with something more substantial than a cheerleading work out video and a picture of my toes.

Have a great evening!

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  1. susie cakes is def soooo yummy! i work around that area so i must take extra steps to stay far far away! <3

  2. This reminds me that I need to get back to spin and yoga. Great post! Good luck with the wedding planning!


  3. ooo working it that time of year again?! haha. Kidding, I love these ideas, thank you for sharing. Would love for you to drop by my blog!

  4. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I hope that you can enjoy all of the wedding planning amidst the chaos. It's such an exciting and lovely time. :)

  5. I am a big fan of youtube videos for quick workouts, I like the "tone it up" girls and there are a couple tracy anderson ones I like as well! The cake tasting - jealous. looks delicious!

  6. we were so meant to be friends. cajun shrimp is my all time fave polish.
    i feel like i am reliving my wedding planning via you. enjoy it, sweet girl. it all goes by so fast.


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