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stripes + florals

Y'all (I use this word here & there because my dad is from a little city called Chattanooga + today I was influenced hearing my favorite southern family back in beantown talk) should have never told me that it was o.k. to post anything wedding've created a monster.  With that being said, one "color" in our wedding is navy & white stripes.  The wedding is on the coast and we want to incorporate as many details of the sea without it looking like a beach town gift shop. Anyway, without sharing too much, here are a few stripes + floral photographs that I'm inspired by:

more peonies. they never ever get old to me. i love this image.

yep, more peonies. shocking, i know. 

i love wreaths at anytime of the year. lots of fresh herbs and a striped ribbon would be fine with me for a summer wedding (it's all outdoors-from the ceremony to the reception) 

maybe I'll limit these types of post to once every couple of weeks.
i don't want to overwhelm anyone...including myself. 


  1. These posts are great and give great ideas!!

  2. Gorgeous! It's amazing how the simple addition of stripes can change the mood of an arrangement entirely. Now I want to host a dinner party, just so I can use stripes and peonies on the table :-)

  3. It's y'all .. the apostrophe replaces the "ou" ... making you-all into y'all.

    And I love that wreath!

  4. Love the peonies with that ribbon! Yay for a wedding post. :)

  5. Such a great detail. So classic! I can't wait to see more :)

  6. carlee. i ADORE the white peonie bouquet with the bod striped ribbon. and i love that the ribbon is trimmed in baby scallops. so stinkin cute. your wedding is going to be simply stunning. xoxo

  7. peonies are so gorgeous..i love the stripe ribbon pairing!

  8. First photo is most definitely my favourite!

  9. Peonies are so 'gorge'. i cant wait to have a house one day so i can plant peonies. Love your blog....and i wish i had a southern bkgd accent and all!


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