happy holidays!

{one of my favorite shots I took back in 2009 in Vermont}

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the Season!


  1. This is your photo?! We love it! Been seeing it all over pinterest. Happy Happy Holidays.

    xox Chic Coles

  2. Oh, I LOVE this!! you should sell this print! It is beautiful!!

  3. I love the photo! Happy holidays. :)

  4. I love the holidays and I love Vermont. Wishing you and yours a splendid holiday.

  5. oh. m. gee. I cannot believe you took this photo - I, too have been seeing it make its rounds around blogs and pinterest - beautiful!

  6. Thank you so much for your blog. Have a happy holiday to you and your family.

    Lisa x

  7. how beautiful looks like a post card its so pretty!

  8. I want to find that barn! Where in VT is it?!? (I live in Lexington, MA)


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