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go-to meals: buttery chicken sando

This is one of my favorite go to meals on a lazy night!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

buttery chicken sando
butter lettuce
buttermilk ranch dressing {hidden valley is my pick}
bread {organic sprouted is my favorite}
best rotisserie chicken you can find {whole foods has delicious reasonably priced ones-best when day old}

Toast bread, slather with ranch, add lettuce and stack the chicken.  Easy and delicious!


  1. Thank you for this one!!!! Im always getting home late, so this will help a lot, and I am really a fan of the rotisserie chicken!

  2. looks delicious!
    xo emily

  3. I literally had all those things in my fridge, and am making it currently for my lunch! yum, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. oh my goodness... this looks delish!

  5. Is that how ya'll say sandwich in California?? :) Miss you!! Email me wedding plans. I want to hear all!


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