blankies tied up with strings...

Interior Design by Nina Freudenberger of Haus Interior via Lonny

cozy blankets tied up with ribbon...what a fabulous idea?
this is a great way to store blankets while not in use!


  1. Super cute is right:) Endless color options for the strings too!

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  2. What a great idea! Just a little extra touch!

  3. I have a few blankets that I could really see tied up like that! Very easy for storage.

  4. Love the blankets with string! So cute!

  5. This is a great idea. I have several blankets just lying around the living room and I had no idea where to store them. I'll just leave them out wrapped in some pretty ribbon :-)

  6. that is a gr8 idea!!! and this whole picture is gr8! loving the room and the overall feel/color!

  7. Stunning room and cozy blankets and gorgeous lamps.
    Happy weekend.

  8. Yes perfect presentation. So neat and orderly.


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