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12 things from the past few weeks...

I apologize for the lack of interesting posts around here...I realize I haven't posted any organiziation tips, diy projects, etc. in a while.  Hoping to get a few up soon, life has been busy these days.  In the meanwhile, I have a few photographs of what I've been up to lately which really doesn't prove that I've been that busy.

1. if you haven't noticed, i'm obsessed with the roses from my patio. well, i'm obsessed with flowers. period. 
2. nordstrom rack is now carrying kate spade clothing. exciting stuff. 
3. having brunch at one of our favorite spots this past weekend.
4. little vine is a new shop in my hood, it has delicious local eats & they sell herbs/spices in cute painted mason jars
5 & 6. date night making homemade pizzas, which was actually really fun. happy they were 
edible...sometimes homemade pizzas can go wrong :(
7. another shot of tahoe
8. pita chip crusted chicken & spicy sweet potato fries-wanted to spice up our chicken so i crushed up pita chips and sprinkled on top of chicken, added red pepper and drizzled with olive oil- bake for 30 minutes 
9. going to attempt to make pumpkin soup...i'll let you know how it goes
10.  stephen durfee was doing a demo at wililams sonoma this weekned-this is a chocolate carmel tart that we tasted (along with several other tasty treats). didn't realize the demos were free, kinda nice if you have a few free hours on a saturday 
11. taking up tennis, i'm HORRIBLE, if you have any tips please let me know. 
12. it was so nice to wear a dress when we had that warm SF weather-it's back to normal now...

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. those pizzas in picture #6 look amazing!

  2. Thanks for the Nordstrom Rack tip! I'm ecstatic:)

  3. I took tennis lessons in high school, thought I was sooo good.

    Years later, I met my husband-to-be and played a game with him. I stank, he won.

    I never played tennis again. :(

  4. Brunch just makes life worth living

  5. The pita crusted chicken looks delicious!

  6. I'm totally going to try that pita chip chicken, sounds delish! Your blog is precious I'm your newest fan!


  7. #11 always always always keep your eye on the ball. sounds obvious, but...


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