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Organizing Tips for the Holidays

As the Holidays quickly approach us, tips on keeping wrapping paper, ribbon and coupons organized always catch my eye. Real Simple {I wrote directly onto the images I scanned} had a few creative ideas that I loved. First of all, the tension rod for wrapping paper is genius. I have the perfect place in my cabinet to set this up. Second, the paper towel holder for ribbon. I can pick up a paper towel holder at a thrift store for nothing and finally keep my ribbon easily accessible, and not such a disaster!
Lastly, coupons on a spindle...
This might be something you could keep by the front door near the Holidays.  Companies tend to overload my mailbox, inbox, etc. with coupons and it would be nice to have a spot for easy access before I start my shopping! Speaking of the Holidays, I can't believe it's already the middle of September!   

*Images scanned from Real Simple October 2011
*Holiday Organizing post from the past


  1. I keep my coupons in a little clear case for easy access and in the car. I tend to review them when I am waiting to check on expiration dates.

  2. oh boy am I not looking forward to this, jaja.
    great tips! I love the lid held jars, what a great idea!

    awesome post,
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  3. Loving the paper towel ribbon holder. I think this idea will follow me into the holiday season. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Superb ideas, thank you. I cannot decide whether storage or diamonds turn me on the most. Well its close - sad yes !

  5. wow! I wish I could be that organized...normally, i'm wrapping presents Christmas eve in a terror of paper, ribbon and tape.

  6. perfect tips, I have so many months of real simple just sitting there waiting for me..thanks for picking this out. I am def going to do

  7. I definitely need to do something with my holiday wrapping supplies, every year I need to buy new ones. I tend to stuff the leftovers in a closet or under the bed. Actually, I took everything out of the kids closet today to organized it, and guess what I had to threw two rolls away. Such a waste of paper, money and time.

  8. Love! people are so clever!! but i still haven't figured out how the paper on the rod thing actually works in terms of wrapping a present...don't you have to put the roll down on a flat surface and wrap the paper around so you know you won't come up short? maybe it's a personal problem :)

  9. Thanks for sharing these clever ideas!

  10. As the Holidays quickly approach us, tips on keeping wrapping paper, ribbon and coupons organized always catch my eye. singles holidays

  11. What is the make and model of that shredder in the Real Simple picture? THX


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