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wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!

My sister & I hit up the Ferry Building Farmers Market early this morning and picked up fresh heirloom tomatoes, bacon, basil, coffee and made a delicious breakfast as a group (her friend is also staying with us). We added lemon zest, vanilla, and cinnamon to our waffle mix for a little kick.

off to explore more of the city...
Happy Saturday!


  1. Sounds so yummy !!


  2. Oh my goodness this looks and sounds so delicious!! What an awesome breakfast!

  3. that looks delish! btw, you title cracks me up, my sister and I used to jokingly say that every sunday. enjoy your weekend!!

  4. looks delicious! waffles with berries are my fave too.

  5. This looks absolutely delicious! Breakfast is my favorite meal...I think I could eat it all day for every meal!


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