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saturday morning {farmers market style}

one more...can't get enough of the bright colors!
The Farmers Market at the Ferry Building is always a favorite of mine.  Waking up with a Blue Bottle coffee, grabbing fresh flowers, sampling delicious cheeses and all while overlooking views of the bay.  

I also wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has left a comment on the last post.  I'm truly enjoying all of your thoughts on the subject!


  1. I have never been, I need to go there, especially for the cheese!!! I love cheese, sounds like a perfect morning, Kathysue

  2. This certainly makes the perfect Saturday morning!

  3. Beautiful! and I do like the second dress idea. You will be so much more comfortable for the reception

  4. Theres nothing better than a Saturday morning at the Farmers Market! Beautiful pics!

  5. Colourful flowers and coffee what a great it!!

  6. Lovely!

    We have a great farmers market in Helsinki. Finland year around. This posting inspired me to go there tomorrow.

  7. Going to Farmer's Market - sounds like a lovely Saturday activity. The peonies make me so happy. Had to get a bunch today. I can't believe their season is almost over :(
    Oksana from

  8. i really like your blog.
    great pictures.
    check out mine.
    hope you will follow me :)


  9. I could do that every weekend! Beautiful!


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