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purse organizer!

I've been looking for a purse organizer for a while and haven't found one anywhere that I liked . Today I snagged this one up on Joss & Main... & I'm hoping it will work:

another cute item on Joss & Main from Toss Designs this week...

 these houndstooth cosmetic cases...I've always been a fan of the design, one of my favorite coats is houndstooth :

I found this tote on Toss Designs actual website...isn't it cute?

and I'm going to grab this jewelry organizer for traveling...another item I've been searching for.  I typically roll up my necklaces in washcloths to prevent them from tangling.  Don't laugh...I find it the best way to travel with them!


  1. Hey Carlee,
    I love purse organizers. I have one of these from Neiman Marcus:

    Jewelry organizer you have found is cute!

    Oksana from

  2. oksana that is a cute purse organizer. love the black one.

  3. When I get my sewing machine back out I will whip you up a jewlery case- I've been meaning to make myself one- so while I'm at it I'll make 2.

    I should say dont hold your breath on this one, sometimes my very thought out plans dont turn out how I want- but I'm crossing my fingers on this one!

  4. i LOVE the chevron tote. the orange is the perfect summer color! i really need a jewelery organizer for when i travel. i'll have to look into that brand!

  5. Love Toss... they have a store in the Marina!


  6. Adore the orange and navy Bentley!!

    Art by Karena

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