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i heart coffee in a bowl.

{forgive my cheezy title, I couldn't help myself}

I post several photographs on twitter, but I thought I'd give this one a little love over here...
today I tried the delicious brioche bakery for brunch where they serve lattes in large bowls.
a must try if you visit sf {& their brioche french toast}
hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. that looks delicious!

  2. yummmm!! but not fair to post about fabulous places on the west coast... I must now search for brioche french toast near me!!! ;)

  3. Gosh! A Latte in a bowl, paired with some delicious goodies and great conversation? Sounds like a great morning to me! :D

  4. Such a pretty latte !!


  5. I made coffee this morning - twice! the first pot exploded. I wish I had this cup with the heart - would have made my morning start off much better than it di!


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