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a bright & colorful friday

inspired by all the vibrant flowers today...

I'm very excited about the response to the Spring Cleanse post in comments & emails!  I will try my best to have a shopping list up by the end of the day, or tomorrow.  My goal is to start this Sunday and go until Easter Sunday {the following Sunday} or continue to go for 28 days.  Just so you know what you're getting into...

This cleanse consists of cutting out the following:

*animal products

*this photograph has nothing to do with the cleanse, I'm just inspired today by all the bright flowers and decided to snap a shot.  Also, I had been eyeing this Kate Spade bag for months but decided to go against an investment piece and pick one up at Tarjay by Linea Pelle for under $24.  The faux-leather actually is very soft and the inside of the bag has polka-dots {only complaint: wish the hardware was gold & not silver}.  Lastly, faux-leather makes this bag very light which I love.  


  1. love that pic! all those colors - your bag, shoes and orange cardi! and the flowers!!! BTW I tried the romaine, black bean, avocado, tomatoes salad from your blog last night and it was DELICIOUS - cant wait for more ideas!

  2. I want to do a cleanse so bad, but I think I should wait until after finals! Have a great weekend!!

    I've also been coveting that Kate Spade for a while! I am praying it comes in the form of a graduation gift!

  3. I admire you for your energy and will-power! Will-power is a positive force and setting limits can open up for more positive energy. Love to do a cleanse in May.


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