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this to Napa!

A HUGE perk to living in San Francisco, is the close proximity to Napa Valley.  In just a short drive, you have access to some of the finest wineries and scrumptious restaurants. For years, a tradition in our group of friends has been making weekend trips to Napa to celebrate birthdays and other special events.  On one of my visits, I was introduced to Prager Winery and I highly suggest making a trip if Napa is on your future destination list {ALSO, I suggest renting a bus/limo for your group, worth the cost and much easier}.  It's different than a lot of the larger/more commercial wineries that people visit.   It's a smaller winery that specializes in California ports and  has a very special ambiance.  
via Prager facebook
The tiny tasting room walls are covered in currency from all over the world, you could spend hours looking at them.  More importantly, they have very tasty ports { I like my wine, especially a delicious port} and the people are very personable. 


This photograph was taken at Prager back in 2006 for my fiancé and I's Birthday {we are 2 days apart}. I can't believe how much younger we look. So tan and refreshed. It's amazing what 5 years does to you? *Important to note, his collar is 100% popped as a joke, this is not how we roll. Anyway, I wanted to point this place out to all the people planning to make a trip out to California. Personally, the off the map destinations are the ones I fall in love with when I'm on vacay.  

I'm curious, where are you from?  Do you have a famous destination place where people visit in your area?   

*I'm starting to feel like Reese Witherspoon in Election...Pick Flick!, but if you have an extra minute this weekend, we have to stay in the top 100 couples in the Crate & Barrel Wedding Contest and we keep toggling between 100-110.  We would appreciate your vote and would celebrate it with a cheers (or two) while wine tasting.


  1. Hi I am a Calif girl also. 45 min northeast of San Fran about 45 min. from Napa. It is a day trip for us also and I love going up there and taking a breather. Love Satuii for lunch on the lawn, their marinated lemon cream shrimp is my fav. A ride along the Silverado trail to take in all the beauty. St. Helena is fun too. What's not to love about the whole experience. I need a trip to Napa, Now, KS

  2. I'm from Fresno, CA (living in Dallas right now though) and stars come to Yosemite all the time.... that would be our "famous people draw" :)

  3. Looks gorgeous! I'm from Tampa, FL and I love taking guests down to the sunny gulf beaches and canoeing down alligator infested rivers!

  4. I laughed out loud at "This is not how we roll." :)

    I'm a Texas girl and I love being just a drive from Austin and the Hill Country (Fredericksburg, Boerne, Luckenbach...) Lots of wineries, cute shops, live music and food!

  5. Just voted for you guys - hope you win! xx

  6. Have a great time!! I live right outside of Washington, D.C. so it's a pretty popular place for tourists. With our hot and humid summers though, I don't know why anyone would want to visit!

  7. Thank you for noting the popped collar was a joke. Made me love this blog even more and totally laugh out loud! Voted for you again today! Y'all are gonna win this thing I am determined.

    Last day to enter my Seda France giveaway!

  8. Prager!!! Stayed above their wine tasting room one night during our honeymoon 13+ years ago! I've never met anyone else who's ever heard of it! How fun!

    We especially love Sonoma Valley. So laid back and less $$$. But Napa is pretty spectacular! Enjoy!


  9. Went to Napa in September and loved it. We loved Reynolds Family Winery.. a small spot that is not to be missed! And dinner at Press was wonderful.

  10. In Jackson we get a wowza amount of tourism in the summer and winter - over 1 million people cruise through out little slice of heaven destined for either grand teton national park or of course yellowstone! I love being close to amazing attractions!

    have so much fun!

  11. From Toronto currently around LA. Lots to see and do in both locations! Last time up north we found Preston winery in the Russian river valley - organic adorable winery and olive oil!

  12. glad you cleared that up about the collar popping action! hehehe, looks wonderful!

  13. I'm from the City of Steel.
    There are a ton of places to visit here... but the best are the views. The views of this city are amazing.
    Oh and food. We have some 'must eats' when you come to da 'Burgh.

    Enjoy your trip!

  14. Have a great time! I was preggo the last time I went to wine country, which was pretty devastating. Not the pregnancy, obviously, but the inability to enjoy all the fabulous wine!

  15. I'm from Atlanta, Ga. I wouldn't say there is any huge attraction that brings people here, but there certainly is plenty to do. Unless you count the world of coke, it is just another large city!
    Napa sounds fabulous!


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