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Organizing Tip of the Week: Buy several of the same storage tools

In the current issue of Oprah Magazine, there's a wonderful article highlighting Peri Wolfman's perfectly organized, gorgeous home.  As I read along, of course I couldn't help but feel the same way on several of her advice tips.  One tip I couldn't agree more with {which almost seems hypocritical to the less is more/bring less into your home tip I've said before} is to: purchase more than you need at the moment of storage tools for organizing.  If you want a streamlined, cohesive look, it's ideal to do this.  When you go to do your spring cleaning, many stores won't carry the same items that you loved last year.  I'm going to leave you with this quote that I enjoyed.  So true...

"Staying organized is like gardening. You're constantly wedding, it's part of your routine". 
-Peri Wolfman 

Photo: William Waldron


  1. Love this idea with the baskets! The hang tags are perfect!

  2. I love all things organization...those baskets are gorgeous!

  3. buying extra with the matching in mind is a stellar idea.
    i didn't with my canvas boxes and am in deep regret years later...

  4. Oh, I'd love to have these all lined up on my shelves!

  5. This is so beautiful!!! Exactly my taste. Thanks for posting :-)

  6. I loved this article too! I'm on the hunt for baskets. Too many to choose from!! Hope that things are going well in cali :)

  7. I am in such a Spring Cleaning mode - we're out of townt this week, but we're strategizing what all we can get rid of when we get back!

    Less is definitely more!!!!
    xoxo e

  8. such a good tip. I have ran into this exact problem. What a beautiful blog by the way :)


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