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please VOTE!!!

I've truly enjoyed sharing our journey with you and would be be absolutely thrilled if you would take a minute to vote for us over at the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding contest!  

 I seriously can't put into words how thankful I would be if you made the trip over to vote... BUT, THANK YOU in advance if you do!!!

vote HERE!

p.s. the easiest way to vote is by hitting VOTE, then hitting the facebook button, this avoids the registration process 


  1. Voted for y'all! Praying for y'all and your marriage!! Such a wonderful thing!

  2. I voted! I actually tried to vote twice, but it knew I was trying to be sneaky! :) Good Luck!

  3. Hi! Just found you via Twitter and am already very much enjoying your blog!! I love a good love story and will be heading over to c&B to vote for you right now...good luck! :)

  4. I voted for you, too. I love your blog!

  5. Thank you all so much for voting! We truly appreciate it.

  6. I voted for you with FB! So darling!
    Mary Ann

  7. You got my vote - best of luck!


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