{new} favorite candle.

Growing up, one of my favorite moments was our families arrival to Lake Tahoe.  I would roll down the window and take in the strong scent of the outdoors...which is typically the towering pine trees surrounding the lake.  If you haven't been to Lake Tahoe, it's also a lot like the scent that fills your home when you first bring home your Christmas tree.  I finally found a candle that smells just like that wonderful scent {at whole foods of all places, never know what you're going to find there}.  It doesn't have that fake smell that some pine candles have!  It's called Roland Pine by soap & paper factory.

 Would love to try these ones too {by them}, made for patch nyc:
adore the packaging....

and the candle obsession continues...


  1. Fantastic packaging. Very much my style.

  2. Will have to check that out. Thyme's Fraser Fir is my absolute favorite. It smells divine and doesn't have that fake smell, either!

  3. Perfect for me too since we have a faux tree!!

  4. Oooh...I might have to try the Whole Foods candle. We can't handle artificial fragrance in our house (headaches and really...who wants fake scents when there are so many amazing natural ones?).

  5. I too have a candle obsession! Lake Tahoe is beautiful. I will have to check that scent out. :)

  6. The Roland Pine candle sounds divine! I may need to take a trip to whole foods this weekend...

  7. Oh my God, totally have the same Tahoe scent association thing going. I'll have to pick one of those up.


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