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 {rooftop in manhattan beach}

just returned from a very quick trip to LA and I'm now back in cold Boston!
sadly I wasn't able to get to my one california craving... in-n-out.
anyway, will hopefully be back soon, just been really busy lately!

also...pretty sure I'm cooking a small thanksgiving meal for just my fiance and I next week.
what about everyone else?  anyone hosting?  anyone already done setting their table? I'm always impressed with the people who have their table set weeks in advance...


  1. Now that is one gorgeous photo!!


  2. We are heading over to the in-laws. I offered to set the Thanksgiving table for their dinner, and her reply was "We're not that orangized over here, no need". Bummer. : (

  3. My boyfriend and I host Thanksgiving every year. We have 12different dishes (not including pie)and three extra guests. Thanksgiving has different meanings for everyone and no one should have to compromise their favorite dishes so, we have already starting cooking. It's crazy and we usually have finished two bottles of wine between the two of us before we even sit down to eat, but it is our favorite holiday! :)

  4. lovely image! we are going to friends in the city!
    sort of sad not to host this year, but next year after the renovation will be my time!

  5. you should come with us to a friends' apt in fenway for another game night!

  6. No plans so far. I might have to work Thanksgiving Day, depending on my job and customer orders.


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