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espace pepin.

Back in Montreal , I stumbled upon the most fantastic store, espace pepin.  The second I stepped in the door I felt welcomed and knew I'd be there for a while.  The walls in espace pepin are covered in pieces done by artist Lysanne Pepin, there are custom accessories created by local artists, and unique pieces of furniture.  I had a very hard time containing myself. 

Lysanne took a few minutes to chat with my fiancé and I about her most recent project, capturing women expressing movement and expressions under water.  You can see the paintings in my photographs, but they don't do her work justice. You can see more on her website.  I wanted to take home every painting, every article of clothing, accessory, furniture in that store...but in reality I only was able to take home a few bangles and a couple of cards. 
{my adorable fiancé being very patient}

I've framed the cards temporarily until I can properly frame them. I truly enjoy passing her work daily. They not only evoke memories of our trip, but inspire me daily to spend a little bit more time being creative. 

Hopefully this weekend we can all find a moment to be creative and get some rest...


  1. I love how the jewels are displayed in trays with rice, so very cool!

  2. pretty! Have a creative weekend!

  3. i love the temporary framing, and the flowers! here here to being creative for even just a moment! i feel in the face of reality and practicality we shove down our creativeness- such a loss!

  4. Thanks for sharing this gem, Carlee!

  5. So cute! love the looks of this place and you make me want to shop now! darn.

  6. There are some rather delicious things there!
    Have a top weekend!

  7. Oh looks like they had some really CUTE jewelry.


  8. chris is hilarious. He is sitting like a model with his legs all turned in:)

  9. take me with you next time, please?!


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