all in a day's work...

Did you all see this one day makeover in the July/August House Beautiful?  I was waiting for them to post it on their website to post cleaner copies of these photographs…BUT they never did and these scanned copies will have to do.   

Amanda Nisbet had one day to makeover this bedroom…

The Before at 8:30 A.M. :
The After at 5:47 P.M. :
hello headboard...
I thought the space was inviting and cozy, but still stylish and chic.  And, I also love the pops of yellow from the lamp, vase and headboard.  Yellow is the perfect color for the bedroom, keeps the grumps a bit more cheerful when it's bright and early.  Also, I LOVE the sconces flanking the window!  I could go on an on, but I want to know your thoughts?  Would you be thrilled to come home to a new bedroom after work? I know I would!

*Designer: Amanda Nisbet
*Photographs by: Francesco Lagnese


  1. I loved this article -- the headboard is definitely the best part.

  2. I think the simplicity of the sconces, the headboard and the way the bed is crisply made is so inviting.
    All I want to do is bring my book, and read in that bed, but of course, my underlying m.o. would be a "nap~"

  3. Oh yeah, Wow!
    It's an amazing transformation for sure and on top of all the new deliciousness it made the room seem so much larger and more spacious!

  4. I love it. I would love the challenge of redecorating in one day, but I would also love to have their budget (or seemingly lack thereof)

  5. love it. bet they designed it way before hand. it's probably more of a one day installation.

    zoe's present for you is here. when can I come by?

  6. I loved this makeover too! How gorgeous is that headboard fabric!!??

  7. Oh wow, that looks amazing! Love that lime green.

  8. The headboard definitely makes a statement.

  9. Thanks for all the love! We had a blast doing this room...


    Amanda Nisbet Design

  10. I'm obsessed with this room- its currently one of my favorites!

  11. get. out. of. here.

    this is incredible. i paid for my subscription two months ago and i haven't received an issue yet! hoping it's still in stores so i can pick this one up...thank you so much for sharing! :)

  12. I loved this room makeover! Very well done.
    I thought the same though of a commenter above...was this one day? Maybe put together in one day and accessories shopped.
    If not, then that was one lucky headboard find!!!
    Whatever the process this room result was fabulous.

  13. Seriously, who wouldn't mind coming home to a revamped bedroom after an 8hr shift? Sign me up!

  14. I love it when they show a makeover in a day. Always inspiring!

  15. That is pretty amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. i love the yellow too! so fresh!

  17. it's all about the white linens. i love waking up in a bed of white!
    i'm obsessed with the bedskirt.

  18. WOW!I'm in the mood for fall! Love the color choices especially with this bedroom,The whole room is a sort of understated elegance and spacious. I really like the combination of white & yellow looks so fresh and relaxing..the headboard is to die for gorgeous!It turned out so great!thanks for sharing.

  19. I love the room color. It is very lively and sunny without overdoing the colors.


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