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tops the cake

Last week after the Blogger's Ball Event, Emily and I headed over to Mistral for drinks.  There we had the pleasure of meeting Aimee Lee Empey.  Aimee is an artist who just started designing {by hand} wedding toppers and was able to show us a photograph of these beauties on her iphone that night.  Emily & I about gasped when we saw them {thank God for technology}.  I can see them being used on several different styles of cakes {or other desserts} for that special day.  Aren't they fabulous? 

*You can email her here and she'll hook you up.


  1. they ARE fabulous! such a unique touch.

  2. chris needs the jersey, hat, etc. in his.

  3. and tassel shoes...I can only imagine that request.

  4. The tops!!!!
    How sweet are they?

  5. so cute! I was saving this for next tie-theknot tuesday. love her stuff!

  6. wow, nice, i have also see another paper wedding cakes toppers via :


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