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One of my favorite things ever is to get snail mail from friends.  I have one dear friend that often sends me incredible cards that always make my day. By the way, I cherish my cards so much that I keep all my cards from friends and family in card boxes {organized by year...crazy}.  Probably should purge a few, but that's for another post.  

Anyway, recently she sent me an adorable card made by a positively green company called Compendium.  I had to immediately look them up to see all their goods...  

Wouldn't this sweet journal be perfect for Mother's Day?

and this would be a wonderful gift,
a thoughtful book that has quotes about celebrating each day as a new bloom...

I love these tags...makes studying a bit more fun

and this cute notepad would be perfect for jotting down short lists

and lastly, one of my favorites from their site...

On that note, I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of their week!  I'm outta here until after finals...


  1. There is nothing wrong with saving cards, I can't bear to throw them away!

  2. I love these! What a special friend you have.

    Good luck on finals and let me know when you're done so we can celebrate!!

  3. I just posted a post with a similar passion for paper, cards, notes, letters - We must be on the same trail.
    Good luck with your finals.

  4. im always buying cards to send to friends...nothing is better than snail mail!

  5. Boxes of your cards organized by year. I like that...I might need to try that organization tip. V. cute stuff. Good Luck....btw, what are you studying?

  6. I love to save cards too, and have them in special boxes... not organised by year though!! Those journals and the card are lovely. I really like the quote on the card too. Good luck with the finals!!

    Linda. :)

  7. Very cute cards!

    Good luck with finals!!! I cant WAIT till you are done and we can hang out again!!!

  8. What adorable cards and I love the pink notebook... I save cards too but just in random piles in my apt and back at my room at my mom's... what a good idea to catalogue by year!

  9. I just decided to pen pal with a friend of mine who lives in Oregon. We have so much cute stationary but never get to use it! Good luck on finals, I'm in the same boat!

  10. Love all of these! Thanks for the intro.


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