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Impromptu Holiday Cocktail Party

I love the holidays for so many reasons and hosting or attending a cocktail party is one of them.  It's so much fun to get everyone together during this time of year.  I think it's such a blast to host them, but without going overboard and spending too much time to prep, especially when hosting an impromptu, which I've been known to do.

Typically guests seem to be happy when served a couple of signature holiday drinks and a few apps...but it's also nice to have the place decorated a little bit festive.  

The space:

I unfortunately do not have a little bar cart to set up:

but I do have a small table...I love how this simple table is decorated with a few drinks, candlesticks and flowers:

and I like this table with a little bit of mercury glass {my favorite}, flowers and adorable peppermint straws:

Some drinks: 

A simple set up to make a few champagne cocktails:

I would love to try these eggnog martinis:

The candy cane cocktail might be too sugary, but does look very festive:

 I always serve wine too

A few Apps:

A few years ago my friends made a huge batch of tuna-tartare and served it in a large cocktail glass, it was a HIT! Everyone loved it!  They placed it on their app table with crackers...

but if you're not into raw fish and are in a time crunch, the artichoke dip in the frozen section of Trader Joe's is delicious!  I know it doesn't sound good, but it is, and it's cheap...2 of the packages will serve 8 people.

Having cheese and crackers out is a must for me:

Veggies are also very important to keep out for those with food allergies or for the vegans/vegetarians:

I don't typically put out "holiday" napkins, but I think these would be fun to make 
{when not doing an impromptu party}

And lastly, I always like to pick up some fresh flowers

and light all the candles in my house...

What is your go-to item for impromptu parties?

Images: First two scanned from Domino Magazine December 2008, Real Simple, Simply Seleta, Real Simple


  1. Lovely tips and ideas! I love that artichoke dip from Trader's- cheap and good, I agree!

  2. I just got hungry. Not to mention I want a mimosa.


    Rebecca June

  3. I love these ideas. They are so fab. Your blog is so inspiring I think Now I must follow.

  4. great ideas! i love your blog :)

  5. Every one of those photos are beautiful. Makes me want to throw a party. Oh wait, I don't know anyone where I just moved:)

  6. just let me know what time to be there:)

  7. Great post! Makes me wish for a Friday or Saturday. ;-) I really want a bar cart!!

  8. It's all so pretty and perfect! I've been having to skip the drinks and tuna this season- which has been hard! But it will be worth it when Baby C arrives! :)

  9. Def. not worth it to overprep (no one really notices when you spend 2 hours or 6 hours).

    Most of my apps are stuff I make ahead of time (goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon; just pop in the oven, homemade eggplant spread served on baguettes, stuffed mushrooms, make the stuffing the night before)

  10. Looks like a good time!! I think you covered everything here....great post!

  11. What date and time should Steph and I be there?

  12. so pretty!!! this makes me so excited for the upcoming holiday festivities! if only i had a bigger (and much cleaner) apartment to decorate :)


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