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looks like the perfect day

After making 75 handmade Christmas cards this weekend {pure excited to be done!} and having the first snow of the season in Boston... I think that a couple of barcelona chairs, a view of the ocean and a lovely tree seem like the perfect way to spend the day…

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

p.s. saw “Everybody’s Fine” over the weekend. Great movie, but very sad. Anyway, the house that Kate Beckinsale lives in is insanely cool and I can't find any pics of it online to show...bummer!


  1. Being from Florida (but now living up north) I could decorate a palm tree and be happy. Not my husband. He wants it cold on Christmas and this year he will get his wish.

  2. This looks like paradise. I'm from FL and miss the warm weather. It's so cold where I am now! Thanks for posting this little take me away.


  3. Lovely pic!! We are having a stinking-hot lead up to Xmas!!
    Pop over for a cold beer - Aussie BBQ for this weeks Tuesday Tea Party! All welcome :-)

  4. Love all of the slippers, especially the Kate Spade ones! Congrats on your 100th post:)

  5. umm, i need to see your cards and what they look like- i've run out of ideas and i need youuuu


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