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Procrastination due to Inspiration

I'm not interested in looking at one more book right now {midterms} I was surprised when this photograph stopped me during a little mild procrastination this afternoon. I wouldn't mind having this wall of books or that chair in my home. Love it and feeling very inspired...not to study.

Image: Flickr, not sure where originally published


  1. I love color coordinated bookshelves! Good luck on your midterms.

  2. I would like the bookshelf, the chair, AND the lamp!


    Rebecca June

  3. What a great image...and CHAIR!! Good luck with your tests...glad those days are OVER!

  4. I think its from O at Home- but I'm not 100%. And yes that chair and bookshelf is delish :)

  5. This is perfect - the spot of red in the back, dark floors, that blue lamp, the white pottery, and oh my goodness, that patterned chair!

  6. I was laying on my couch yesterday and staring at the two bookshelves I have flanking the tv and was wondering how it would look if I grouped the books by color. After seeing this picture I am definitely going to try it! Now if only I could get my hands on two of those chairs for my living room. . . :)


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