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Neverending SATC

Last December while in between moves from San Francisco to Boston I made a pit stop in Orange County to spend two weeks with my family. Tiffany and I watched Sex and the City and then proceeded to watch it again {on another day}, but this time with commentary. I know, embarrassing to admit, and so cliché...but don't kid yourself, you know you've watched it more than once.

Anyway, while we watched the film with commentary we both were surprised to hear about the Eiffel Tour purse by Timmy Woods she is wearing in the famous, "hello I live here" scene because we had never noticed it before...

We oogled over it and giggled like little girls in excitement... as if we knew an insiders' secret from the movie? Silly. But...isn't it romantic? And how fitting for this scene where she is going to the penthouse, the highest point in the building to which the top couldn't be more romantic like the top level of the Eiffel Tour.

At any rate, the next day we headed out to San Diego for a day of shopping, wine and delicious food and views of San Diego...stick with me, I promise I have a point. Well, strolling along in between shops we stopped at a store called Leaping Lotus and saw the same bag by Timmy Woods in a case. Can you imagine our excitement?! It could not have been any we did what any other crazy girls would do. We posed for a pic with it:

[No idea why I'm wearing sunglasses inside]

So why this post now you ask? It was on over the weekend and I got sucked into the Sex in the City madness and ended up talking about it with a girl in class today. Specifically, Carrie's home:

Where does one start? I wasn't part of the blogging world when this movie came out and I can't even imagine how many people covered this...

But, can I be really shallow for one sentence on this blog?

I love EVERYTHING in these next three pictures and would LOVE to live in this apartment.

For the people who just don't get the Sex in the City craze, can you agree that her apartment is stunning? I happen to read that some people thought her newly designed apartment didn't express her character, but I 100% disagree. What do you think?

There is so much more that can be said about the decor and fashion in this movie, but this is just our little "Neverending SATC" story...we hope you enjoyed it!


  1. ooo...You know this is one of my all time favs! I love getting ready to go out with this movie in the background. That way I'll be inspired to try new outfits, makeup, hair, etc.
    Great post! Makes me miss you even more! That was really amazing watching that whole commentary. At the end we were like, "did we actually just watch a 2hr movie with comments?" good times! xoxo

  2. I'd DIE to live in that apt to- I love the color of the walls, the storage areas on her "living room", the freshness and simplicity of the design and pieces on the room..sigh. Can't wait to see what they show in SATC Movie 2 :)

  3. My girlfriend and I have SATC nights, we are renting the dvds and started from season 1 to watch it all over again! We are almost finshed with season 2...LOVE LOVE this show. I literally laugh out loud in every episode, there is just not another show like this.

    I would have been ecstatic too!


  4. i am so nervous about the 2nd movie its not even funny...but i was so glad she FINALLY got has a grown up apartment! but i dont think we'll see it since she was married.

    but i love the show. i probably watch at least a clip of an episode every day.

  5. Ah we can talk about this apt all day long. Loved seeing it again. I so would have done the same and snapped a pic with it!

  6. I LOVE this post. And I LOVE SATC. Love it. And I thought her apt was great. I'm not much of a color person- but this is exactly what I would want if i lived in the big city!

  7. I think I'm the only person who hasn't seen the SATC movie. I'm sure when I do rent it I'll need to watch twice. Once for the story line and once for the decorating!

  8. I LOVE her apartment! It had me at the blue walls.

  9. I think her apt. was the reason I feel in love with interior design! And seeing it again makes me just swoon.

  10. I think her apt. was the reason I feel in love with interior design! And seeing it again makes me just swoon.

  11. I would pay some serious money to live there. like carrie's style, the apartment fits her like a glove. I disagree with the folks that thought it wasn't her. they crazy! so many suprises in that room that make it all the eye candy! I can't wait for satc 2, yay!

  12. ps - gave you an award, check out my site! love your site, thats why!


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