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go with the flow

As fall approaches, so do classes. I start school one week from today {Yikes!}. I found these images while browsing through my gabillion magazines {having a hard time purging} recently and came across a few photographs that made me stop for a minute to dream of having a day doing some of this before the chaos begins...
Maybe a leisurely afternoon hanging out under this tree with close friends

and then ending the day here, in France, in this river, which is in between the middle of Mary Cadogan’s garden…

Wow. I really want to do love love
BUT, not only did the images from their dinner party move me, the title of the article was a simple reminder for when my days this semester get really hectic...
I would definitely like to spend a day like this before classes take over my life…
Would’t that be an incredible way to end this summer?
All images scanned from: Vogue Australia Entertaining and Travel, Collector's Edition, Volume Number 33


  1. Oh this would be an incredible dinner party!

  2. How fun! I love that their little doggie gets to participate in the party too:)

  3. Hi, girls, I just saw you on my followers list and when I saw the name of your blog, I had to pop right over. :) Oh my goodness, I've never seen anything like this! I'm dying right now I love this so much. I think you're right, it's a must do!

  4. the title is so very perfect...

  5. This is amazing! What a fun family - and a perfect way to end summer!!


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