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my favorite things...don't cost a thing!

Over the weekend, I had that song, Love Don't Cost a Thing, in my head and then proceeded on a tangent because right now all things lead directly to a blog idea lol. So I gathered up some of my favorite things that really cost me personally, nothing...In this fleeting economy, we don't know if we can buy the next $1500 bag or not, but I do know that I can wear or look at some of the items below and feel rich no matter what!

These are a few of my favorite things...

A diamond ring which belonged to my (still living) Grandma Betty on my mother's side. The ring is a mix of her engagement diamond in the center, and then later she added more diamonds, because one is just NOT enough!

My bed covering is also very important to me. It belonged to my (now deceased) Great-Grandma Annie, also on my mother's side. Every time I make my bed, I think of her and our family, and how she had great taste!

A green, very cheap I might add, ceramic owl which I bought while Carlee and I were shopping when she came to visit me in So Cal last year. I always think of her, and how after we purchased the owl, we went next door to an Aaron Brothers store, and she decided she was going to become a painter in the next four days she was visiting, and spend too much money buying all the tools necessary. After picking them all up, she then put them all back, coming to the realization that she couldn't fit her new hobby in her carry-on to Boston!

Also of great importance to me, a framed photo of the The Beatles; a gift from my ex-boyfriend's dad for Christmas. His family REALLY loves The Beatles and therefore I now know a ton of information on them and of course fell in love with them, with John Lennon coming in first lol...

and lastly, a lighter Carlee picked up for me while in Spain that always makes me think of her in Spain; exploring, living, and learning! Plus we don't have lighters that are round like that here!

See, my favorite items didn't really cost a whole lot, but they represent me, my family history, and friends. I may not afford the wealthiest things, but the most expensive things I own, didn't cost a thing!


  1. Thanks Jaime! I really loved writing about some of my favorite pieces!

  2. Great post! The ring and bedspread are such nice reminders of your loved ones. I have a pearl necklace that was my grandmother's (she died a few years ago), and I love wearing it and thinking about her.

  3. ok, 2 things: 1. I didn't know you had that ring! 2. I totally just bought all the painting gear again a few weeks ago! Snap!


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