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in the mood for some color?

Over at the fabulous La Dolce Vita there was a post on the most recent Fall Color Issue of House Beautiful. Well, I finally picked the issue up! I didn't take the color personality quiz shown on her post, but I did want to post a few color charts because they truly interest me.

The first chart is in the magazine itself and the second one is from one of my favorite stores, Papersource. I can't say I truly love just one color nor do I loathe any. I do however change the color in my home constantly by either painting furniture or switching out accessories. I can admit that I've had a lot of colored rooms, some better choices than others. I've had 2 RED bedrooms {because clearly 1 just wasn't enough}. I can't tell you how upset my Dad was when I moved out and he had to apply 3 or 4 coats of paint to cover up what I thought was the hottest thing. I still love a red room, but it's a really bad idea for a's not the most calming color:

Currently I have a lot of white, navy, green, yellow and black in my home. Navy being more predominant in areas...which is funny because Michele Bernhardt who created the color chart for House Beautiful states it's an order color...and order {organizing} is the name of my game:

more of a personality color chart:

Just love this row of color...

and an example of change in color in my home...just a few months ago, a deep maroon that I couldn't stand anymore:

and changed out the fabric to this:


  1. What's funny, is I was reading all the info and loving the line of purples and blues...and then you say, oh don't you love this row. Sometimes we scare me...


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