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oh audrey

I had to post about how absolutely elated, yet upset I am about seeing Breakfast at Tiffany's for my first time. Last night I couldn't find anything worth watching in my "on demand movie section" and I came across Breakfast at Tiffany's and thought for a moment if I had ever actually seen the movie???

I mean, of course I love Audrey Hepburn, and have heard the movie talked about for years and years BUT I had NEVER seen the movie. Wow. I'm shocked that I've gone this long. I feel like I could write for hours about the film, I'm sure anyone could and I'm sure everyone thinks this movie is so cliché to post about...but I just had to say that it was the sweetest treat. It's now for many reasons one of my favorite movies.

As I watched along I couldn't help notice every detail in every scene. I just have to say one thing about her living room since this is more so a design blog... than romantic film blog, delish. I've been obsessed with zebra prints for years paired with anything white (like her white tub sofa) and can't get enough of the "perfectly stacked" suitcases along her walls...I wish I could get a better shot online of her apartment.

I wonder if the 60's were ever truly as romantic as this film...


  1. Oh my.. of course, you've seen it before... we were all born knowing every line of Breakfast at Tiffany's! ;)

    I just made a post about Holly Golightly apartment style that you'd probably love... it includes a tub sofa and zebra rug! ;) Check it out here:

  2. One of the most stylish movies ever!


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